Both stick-built and modular construction provide high levels of quality and attention to detail. Where they differ is in timing, resources involved, costs, decision process, contract type and level of flexibility.

Stick-Built Construction

Customary stick-built construction starts with architectural blueprints, cost estimates and a projected project schedule that relies on weather and customer/architect feedback.

While stick-built construction has a set of blueprints and scope of project identified, change orders, revisions to scope, adjustments to interior design and materials selected are accommodated through the process. In turn, decisions on detail are spread out evenly through each phase of building. due to variation in the building process, a cost-plus contract is often applied.

In stick-built projects, complex design can be accommodated, unique materials applied and market trends made readily available.

Modular Construction

Modular construction has simpler design methods, a fixed cost and a regulated timeframe to build. As modular homes are built inside a facility, weather is not a factor contributing to loss the time and material.

In modular construction, the design and subsequent interior details/products are selected up front and locked-in at the point of order. Thus, decisions are concentrated in the beginning of the project, and there is only limited flexibility to change designs and details once an order is placed. Since the design and detail are lock-in up front, a fixed-cost contract is applied.

In modular, there are certain design limitations and a level of conformity applied. Since only select suppliers and products are available, deviations from modular offerings require special handling and costs.

To ensure our customers can satisfy their unique needs with modular construction, Creative Components partners with a modular vendor, Signature Building Systems, that is adaptable, aligned with market trends, and which promotes quality construction practices and offers diverse product selection.

Our modular vendor has design-ready plans from which to choose, as well as the staff to provide a custom-designed home.

What We Do

Home design
Stamped drawings
Contract and placement of modular order
Excavation of land, clear trees and shrubs
Dig hole for foundation
Install foundation
Grading for proper drainage
Install septic system or make connection to sewer
Install well or make connection to municipal water supply
Set crew to accept delivery of modular home
Button-Up Work
Connect Plumbing and electrical systems
Install HVAC system
Complete exterior carpentry
Complete interior carpentry (as contracted)
Stick-Built Structures (complete as contracted
Masonry fireplace, steps, patio
Obtain Certificate of Occupancy
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